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Funct​ional Refrigerators for Everyday Use

Keep your refrigerator working energy efficiently with help from Peninsula Fridge Seal in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. The door seals we fit will ensure that your fridge or freezer is sealed and your food and beverages will remain fresh. Whether you want to maintain the right storage temperature of your refrigerator or cool room we have what you need.

Fitting of the seal is always available. As may be seen below, when a Cool Room Door is removed, we use a PVC Curtain to maintain the Cool Room Climate while the Door Seal is replaced.

Important Reminder: Back Plates can also be replaced, as the pictures illustrate (bottom row).

Fridge seals can deteriorate over time, causing mould reducing functionality.

 A new seal not only looks great but will have your fridge working effectively straight away.

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