About Our Company

Peninsula Fridge Seal was established in 2007. We provide fridge seal replacement and advice to people in and around Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. Our team supplies and fits refrigerator door seals for residential and commercial customers. We remove old or worn-out seals and replace them with custom-made ones.

What sets us apart is that we only offer quality products, and they can be purchased at competitive pricing. We strive to answer our customers’ enquiries on the same day. This way, we can help them not only fix the defective door seals of their refrigerators but also maximise the value and efficiency of their fridges.

We Endeavour To:

  • Provide a free quotation onsite.
  • Give friendly and helpful advice without taking an order.
  • Respond to phone inquiries within an hour or two of the call.
  • Steer customers away from the cost of a new seal if an alternative solution is available.

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